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Simon Singh wins right to appeal

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Great news just in... Simon Singh has won the right to appeal

In a scathing judgement against the ruling by Justice Eady, Lord Justice Law described his ruling as "legally erroneous".  This judgement is just the first step but it now means that Singh might at last be able to get to discuss the evidence itself.

The chiropractors may well want to try to settle out of court now, realising that as soon as the evidence itself is scutinised, whatever shred of credibility that might remain with the BCA would be seriously jeopardised.  The last thing they can afford is an open and public review of the evidence for chiropractic.

Those chiropractors doing good physiotherapy work in helping back pain sufferers are doing good despite the theory behind chiropractic and not because of it.  The theory of subluxations has no evidence to support it, and those effective practitioners are simply applying the well-evidenced practices of physiotherapy.  If they have any sense, they'll steer well clear of associating themselves with the extravagant claims to treat childhood colic, asthma, digestive problems and the like.  Otherwise the Quacklash will draw them in.

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Last Updated on Sunday, 25 July 2010 14:07