Leaving the Land of Woo

A rational, sceptical look at the ideas of alternative medicine, food, religion, and the paranormal

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If you ever thought Woo was harmless...

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Many people see Woo as just an entertaining diversion, pretty harmless overall, and not really worth bothering about.

Unfortunately, the consequences can be quite devastating.  Here's an example of what happened when a patient decided to trust in a so-called cancer treatment called the Gerson Protocol, based on using diet to detox the body.  It was claimed, this would allow the body to recover all on its own.

But as I've stressed in the book, just because we'd like the world to be like that, we can't expect it to be.  We can't just change our physiology and biochemistry to suit a fanciful theory.  Unfortunately, this patient accepted the ideas behind the Gerson Protocol.

Read the story here.

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