Why some white people hate White people

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If a person pays attention to the mainstream media and/or spends time on various social networking sites, they could have come across at least one white person who blames their whole race for all the problems in the world. It’s then going to be clear that they are ashamed of the colour of their skin and what their ancestors have allegedly done.

A Strange Affair

Nevertheless, they might have just carried on with their life and put this experience behind them.

Alternatively, it might not have been possible for them to do this, and this could show they’ve been exposed to this kind of behaviour on a range of occasions. It’s then likely to be evident that this is an outlook that a number of white people have.

The Worst Race

What one can then do is to read up on what these self-hating white individuals have to say about their own race. Through doing this, they may find that these people have a number of reasons as to why they believe their race is the issue.

And while some of those reasons can appear to be well thought out, there can be others that could come across as being completely absurd. One could then leave it at that, or they could feel the need to look even deeper.

1 Difference

If one was to research the news organisations which cover this topic, they may find that there are certain sites and papers, for instance, which stand out. It’s then not that every news organisation is saying the same thing; it’s that there are particular ones that support this outlook.

There are then likely to be the news organisations that talk about this, but for different reasons. When these news organisations cover this topic, it will be to report on what someone has said.

Two Sides

It would then be normal for one to come to the conclusion that certain news organisations are anti-white, whilst others are not. Said another way, certain news sites are going to have an agenda, and their priority is then not likely to be to inform people.

This could be something that’s hard for them to comprehend; especially if they have trusted this source of information up until this point. Then again, there is the chance they have known this for quite a while.

Another Factor

If one was to look into what a lot of these self-hating whites have in common, they might find that a lot of them have been to college/university. So while these people may have gone there to learn new abilities, this would not have been the only thing that took place; that’s if this occurred in any respect.

Instead, this would have been a time when they were gradually indoctrinated to hate themselves, their ancestors and every other white person on Earth.


Yet, even when a white man hates themselves, it does not imply that this will prevent them from having the ability to feel good. While can sound hard to believe, they will have another way to elevate themselves.

Because of what they think about their own race and how they behave as a result, they can end up feeling morally superior.


In order for them to keep their true feelings at bay, it’ll be vital for them to act in ways which will allow them to receive positive feedback from other self-hating white people and people from different races who attribute their race to get just about everything. This is then similar to being in a cult, as one will have to constantly prove how loyal they are.

Through saying the correct things online and offline, they will validate the belief that their race is the problem, and this will allow them to get the acceptance that they desperately need. What this can then show is that they don’t possess a strong sense of self, and perhaps this was why they moved along with the’white men and women are the problem’ propaganda in the first location.

An Early Wound

Before they were exposed to what the media had to say or what they were told in university/college (that’s if they went), they may have already felt unworthy.

Their weak sense of self would then have been propped up with their identity as someone who hates their own race.

Born Again

It’s not going to matter if one is religious or not, as it’s going to be as if they have been born again. Hating their own race will be a way for them to atone for what their race is doing and what they have done in the past.

In their eyes, their race is oppressing every other race, and always has done, and it is then just right for them to hate themselves. If they did feel worthless to begin with, this may mean that they were abused and/or failed during their early years.


When one race is held accountable for every problem on earth, it is the perfect example of what happens when black and white thinking is used. Everyone on this planet is likely to see life in this way from time to time, but if this is the standard for someone it can demonstrate that something is wrong with their brain.

This isn’t to say that every white person who hates themselves has this disorder, but it’s highly possible that some of them do.

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